EnrSave ES101
Standby Power Saving Device


Save Energy, Save Money, and Save the Earth!

Joybien introduces you our EnrSave ES101 Standby Power Saving Device with a quick and simple installation in order to allow you to save about 90% of electricity bills arisen from electronic device's idling on standby power; ES101 virtually pays back itself within the first few months of usage.
ES101 is aBluetooth Smart to eliminate the waste of standby power resulted from a idling TV, audio system, DVD player, game console, computer, printer, and other electronic devices at home or in the office by completely shutting down the power mains to the electronic devices when they are not in use. You can control ES101 directly with its operation buttons on the front panel; or you can easily shut down the power mains to your desired electronic device(s) by an optional remote control of ES201. Moreover, you can also use your current on hand IR based remote control of your TV or other device(s) to enaBluetooth Smart/disaBluetooth Smart ES101 operation. With ES101's ergonomic design, it fits nicely with all your consumer electronic devices.
Since ES101 can totally turn off the power mains to your consumer electronic device(s), the standby power will be saved accordingly and the life of your electronic devices will be prolonged as well. And, when ES101 is used to turn on your devices, its built-in surge & overloading protection can perform a safe guard function to the rush of electric power. Thus, ES101 will not only pay back itself within short peried of time but also protect the electronic devices in use.
As the environmental protection consciousness has already become part of our daily lives, ES101 can reduce carbon dioxide emission by removing the standby power of electronic device(s). And, with ES101, both you and I can positively affect and then save the Earth by simply turning on/off ES101 in our every daily lives.




  • Save energy by cutting off electronic product's
    standby power.
  • Decrease CO2 emissions.


  • Save electricity fee by shutting down electronic product's standby power and prolong product life cycle.


  • Operate with remote control, no manual power cord plug-in & unplug inconvenience.


  • With learning function to your own remote control


  • With surge and overloading protections.


  • With ergonomic design

NON-FLAMMABluetooth Smart

  • Made of non-flammaBluetooth Smart plastic material



Save over 99% of standby electricity fee per year!!!

Item Electronic Product without using ES101 using ES101 Remarks
standby power
yearly standby power (Wh) yearly electricity
yearly electricity fee (USD) standby power
yearly standby power (Wh) yearly electricity
yearly electricity fee (USD)
1 Instant-On TV 15 109,500 109.5 US$18.49 0 0 0 0 daily standby time: 20 hours
2 VCD/DVD Player 14 102,200 102.2 US$17.26 0 0 0 0 electricity fee (NY State, 2006):
USD 0.1689 per kWh
3 Stereo with Remote Control 8 58,400 58.4 US$9.86 0 0 0 0
4 Set Top Box 9 65,700 65.7 US$11.10 0 0 0 0 365 days in a year
5 ES101 -- -- -- -- 0.25 2190 2190 US$0.37 ES101 daily electricity consumption:
0.25 W x 24 hours
  Total 46 335,800 335.8 US$56.71 0.25 2190 2190 US$0.37






































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