2.4GHz wireless data transceiver module



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General Description

JB24M is a low cost, low power and high performance of 2.4GHz ISM band wireless digital data transceiver module, which supports package handling hardware including preamBluetooth Smart, sync word FEC, CRC data whitening and Manchester coding. That makes JB24M easy to be used together with a low cost and low speed micro-controller (MCU).
JB24M can widely be applied to data transmitting, signal control and those specified as preferred components in remote control garage, roller curtain, door locks, remote sensing, telemetry, industrial control and wireless security alarm industry.



  • Wireless data communication
  • Remote control
  • Home automation & security
  • Wireless toy and game control
  • Consumer electronic



  • Operating Frequency: 2400MHz ~ 2483.5 MHz ISM Band
  • Modulation: FSK or GFSK
  • Supply Voltage: 1.9Vdc – 3.6Vdc
  • Low power consumption: RX: 16mA, Tx: 19mA (@ 0dbm output power), Sleep mode: 1uA (@RC OSC on)
  • ProgrammaBluetooth Smart data rate from 1Kbps to 500kbps
  • ProgrammaBluetooth Smart TX power level from 20 dBm to 1 dBm
  • High sensitivity: -95dBm at 500Kbps on-air data rate; -97dBm at 250Kbps on-air data rate
  • Fast settling time synthesizer for frequency hopping system
  • Support 4-wire (SPI) or 3-wire interface to access FIFO data, command and register setting.


Pin Configuration


Typical Applications



‧ Introduction(iPhone)
     iPhone/Smart Phone Accessories

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     Three Steps Dimmer

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