About Joybien

joybien_logoAs the world is getting closer & smaller with high speed intelligent wireless communication technology advancements, Joybien devotes itself in research & development along with manufacturing of wireless enabled IoT and Neural Network Deep Learning On-Device AI hardware and software products & solutions with energy & environment conservations in consideration.  Joybien commits to work together with customers & suppliers for Time-to-Market, Time-to-Volume, Time-to-Profit, Time-to-Satisfaction, and Time-to-Win-Win philosophy.



Founded Date :   May 8th, 2006

Headquarters:     Zhonghe City, Taipei County, Taiwan


Products & Designs: 
Apple HomeKit products, Neural Network Deep Learning On-Device solutions, 5G mmWave solutions, IoT devices & solutions, Smart Home & Energy Saving solutions, Industrial Data-Acquisition & Control solutions, IoT enabled Consumer products.


Electronic product & solution’s Application Hardware designs, Firmware designs, IoT Wireless Module designs, iOS & Android App designs, Social Network Connectivity & Enabling designs, Cloud Server Connectivity & Enabling designs; along with electronic product’s design-for-test, design-for-manufacturability, and design-for-continuous-quality-improvement as the foundation for our services.


Company Philosophy

Core Value : Integrity, Love, and Sharing
Culture : Life time enjoyment for:
1. Customers with satisfied products & services
2. Suppliers with win-win cooperation
3. Employees with excellent working environment
4. Stockholders with investment gains

Motto : Broaden the Mind, Broaden the World!


Team Advantage

Joybien's key RD team members are with around 30-years of practical experience and professionalism per person in the RF Wireless, Digital Communications, Neural Network Deep Learning solutions, and Industrial & Consumer Electronic fields.

Combining technical electronics engineering expertise in areas of RF Wireless, DSP, MPU, Analog & Digital technologies; along with ID, ME, and Automated Manufacturing Test & Production capabilities; Joybien provides innovative RF & IoT enabled & Neural Network Deep Learning enabled products & solutions.

Other than the engineering team, Joybien's key Production and Sales & Marketing team members are coming from the major electronics giants in Taiwan; and with over 20 years of fruitful field experiences

Joybien Team is committed working with customers to provide the best wireless electronic products & solutions to meet market requirements.

Joybien @ Let’s Enjoy Life Together !